The LEHVOSS Corporate Group

Founded in 1894 as a trading firm for chemical and mineral specialties, the focus for many decades was initially on our home market (Germany). Starting in 1990, we used our rock-solid foundation there as the basis to internationalize the company, with the goal of offering our products and services across Europe. Today we operate subsidiaries in key European markets, each staffed with local specialists, even as we look to continue our expansion through additional national subsidiaries across Europe.

In 2013 we unveiled our successful series of LUVOCOM® modified high-performance thermoplastics in the USA through our subsidiary LEHVOSS North America, LLC and in China through LEHVOSS (Shanghai) Chemical Trading Co. Ltd.

The growing importance of the Chinese procurement market led us to establish offices in Shanghai and Dalian.

The LEHVOSS corporate group (not counting equity holdings) employed 569 workers in 2016, earning 347 million € in revenues.

German subsidiaries and equity holdings

Sales, production

Auer-Remy GmbH, Hamburg
WMK Plastics GmbH, Solingen


Foreign subsidiaries and equity holdings

Sales, production

LEHVOSS France S.A.R.L., Dreux

LEHVOSS UK Limited, Congleton
Gee Lawson Limited, London

LEHVOSS Italia S.r.l., Origgio

LEHVOSS Schneider AG, Winterthur

LEHVOSS Nederland B.V., Vlaardingen

LEHVOSS C.D. Iberia, S.L.U., Barcelona

LEHVOSS RUS, Saint Petersburg

LEHVOSS North America, LLC, Pawcatuck
Performance Compounding Inc, Pawcatuck 

LEHVOSS (Shanghai) Chemical Co. Ltd., Shanghai

LEHVOSS Korea, Seoul


LEHVOSS (Shanghai) Chemical Co. Ltd., Shanghai
Dalian Representative Office, Dalian