Making good even better

It is difficult to imagine life today without thermoplastics. They offer many advantages and some of these are listed below:

  • A good energy balance sheet
  • Low weight
  • Maximum freedom in design
  • Easy processing
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Recyclability

Our approach is to further enhance the good properties of polymeric materials through modification with additives and reinforcing agents.

LUVOCOM® compounds for top technical achievements

More efficient, more cost-effective, smaller – compounds extend the range of applications for plastics. The efficiency of components and hence of end products can be selectively increased. Our LUVOCOM® business unit specializes in thermoplastic high-performance compounds, which allow precisely tuned material properties for a wide range of technical applications. With more than 30 years of experience in tailor-made compounds, LUVOCOM® is your partner with advice and support in applications technology, from engineering design through to production.

Extensive selection of raw materials

A wide range of polymers and additives are in demand depending on the field of application. LUVOCOM® offers you practically the entire spectrum of standard, engineering and high-temperature thermoplastics. This means that your component development does not have to accept any compromises and is able to achieve its targets.

  • Carbon-fibre reinforced

    Many applications require materials with high tensile strengths. At the same time, these materials have to be light – particularly in the case of components subject to a dynamic load. Often low thermal expansion, dimensional accuracy and long-term dimensional stability are required for replacing metals. In many cases, carbon-fibre reinforced LUVOCOM®-compounds meet these demands – and they are also electrically conductive. They give the design engineer a chance to deploy lighter and generally more economical injection moulded plastic parts.

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  • High-temperature-resistant

    For especially high temperatures of up to 260 °C we supply high-performance compounds based on various polymers. Depending on the polymer used in each case, even high temperatures do not present any problems. Typical applications include mechanical engineering, medical technology and parts subject to high stresses for the engine compartment and drive train in the automotive sector.

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  • Lubricant-modified

    Tribologically adjusted LUVOCOM® materials have deposits of lubricant, thus eliminating the need for the expensive and time-consuming work of additional surface lubrication. Lubricant-modified components and assemblies remain clean while long-term performance and reliability are significantly improved.

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  • Electrically conductive

    Conductive LUVOCOM®-materials have decisive advantages over metals or coatings: they offer a great degree of freedom in design; the finished parts have a lower weight, are easier and more cost-effective to manufacture and are also tougher.

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  • Thermally conductive

    Plastics are poor heat conductors. The thermal conductivity in standard materials lies between 0.1 and 0.4 W/mK. By using special additives – generally mineral-based – LUVOCOM®-materials from this product group achieve significantly higher values of up to more than 40 W/mK. Through our special expertise in compounding, we provide you with precisely the material you need to meet your requirements. Electrically conductive and electrically insulating products are also available.

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  • Detectable

    Detectable LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds offer a broad range of tailor-made solutions for these special requirements. All the versions supplied are easy to process and are characterized by the attractive surface of the finished components. Segregation of the additives is ruled out. Pigmentations are possible in numerous colour shades.

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  • Functional powders

    Under the LUVOCOM® P brand and LUVOSINT brand, we supply you with thermoplastic materials in powder form. Here, too, speciality products are involved; modified thermoplastics with particle sizes below 100 micrometres. The fine powders are used in various applications. Examples include electrostatic powder coating of metals and laser sintering for the generative production of plastic parts.

LUVOCOM® History

1983Acquisition of a production licence from Wilson Fiberfil (now DSM), Evansville. Registration of the LUVOCOM® trademark
1985LUVOCOM® 1105/CF/10/GR/10/TF/10 – one of the first tribological compounds worldwide based on PEEK
2000Acquisition of DSM’s special compounds business in Europe
2001Development of PTFE-free tribological nanocompounds with high wear resistance
2004Acquisition of DSM’s special compounds business in the USA
2005Development of LUVOCOM® XCF technology for high-strength and extremely impact-resistant carbon fibre compounds. More than 1,300 formulations
2008 Development of a new generation of detectable compounds
2012Market launch of LUVOSINT® and LUVOCOM® P. Powders for 3D laser sintering and electrostatic coating
2013Foundation of LEHVOSS North America, LLC
2014Foundation of LEHVOSS (Shanghai) Chemical Trading Co.Ltd.
2015Foundation of LEHVOSS Korea. More than 2,500 formulations

Global presence

We are represented around the world. To help us react better to individual client and market requirements as well as to shorten supply routes and processing times, we produce on three continents. Apart from our head office in Hamburg, we also have production facilities in the USA and in China (from mid of 2016). Our local market development staff provide on-site support.

LUVOCOM® – Global presence