So light and yet so strong

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Aviation demands extremely strong yet lightweight materials. The megatrend towards lightweight construction with composites and carbon-fibre reinforced plastics allows tremendous savings to be made in weight and hence in fuel consumption. With our carbon-fibre reinforced compounds – especially LUVOCOM® XCF – we supply a broad product range for extreme fields of application. Our experts will advise you on the optimum material for your application at any time, even during the development phase. We develop individual compounds for many of our clients with a large rangee of available reinforcements according to specifications jointly defined in advance.

Structural part made of LUVOCOM® 1301-0824, carbon-fibre reinforced

LUVOCOM® XCF high-performance compounds for lightweight construction

LUVOCOM® XCF compounds are outstandingly suited for parts with high mechanical requirements. Compared with composites and metals, they achieve significant savings on costs and weight. LUVOCOM® XCF compounds are even able to achieve an additional saving in weight of up to 30 % over plastics with short and long glass-fibre reinforcement. Lower filler levels mean better processing characteristics and hence greater freedom in design. LUVOCOM® XCF compounds can be processed in conventional injection moulding procedures without the need for special machines or techniques.

A production process specially developed by LUVOCOM® means that LUVOCOM® XCF offers:

  • High tensile strength
  • High impact strength
  • High stiffness
  • Low weight
  • Easy processing
LUVOCOM® – Tensile strength
LUVOCOM® – Impact strength