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Fakuma 2017 Product Premieres Booth B1-1109

The new LUVOCOM CXR product line offers thermoplastic compounds based on polyamide which can undergo crosslinking induced by irradiation with gamma rays (γ). From a thermoplastic material, this produces a material that can no longer be melted and behaves largely like a thermosetting resin. Crosslinked polymers are characterized by improved properties. As a result, the temperature resistance and continuous service temperature rise. Combining these polymers with reinforcing materials and additives makes it possible to produce high-strength and tribologically enhanced compounds. This leads to higher material strengths under the influence of heat together with a longer lifespan of components. 

LUVOCOM 1114, another new product line, offers materials with exceptional tribological and thermal properties based on the high-temperature resistant polymer PEKK. In comparison to other high-temperature polymers, the wear and friction characteristics of compounds from this line exhibit a low and particularly uniform progression up to 165°C. LUVOCOM 1114 also has an elevated heat deflection temperature.

In LUVOCOM 3F, the LEHVOSS Group is presenting a new product line for 3D printing. The materials are optimized for use in extrusion-based 3D printing processes – fused filament fabrication (FFF). Support for the development of materials and customer components comes from the company’s own pilot plant for 3D printing.