LUVOCOM® SCF – a new generation of extra strong, stiff and impact resistant compounds

This new product range is the manifestation of the latest thermoplastic carbon fiber compound innovation of Lehmann&Voss&Co. Increases in strength and stiffness in materials often lead to greater fragility. This new carbon-fibre technology, however, pushes the performance boundaries of traditional injection-moulding engineering compounds even higher, thereby offering new design possibilities for lighter, stronger components. In addition LUVOCOM® SCF is processable on standard injection-moulding machines, with the usual proviso of trying to maintain good fibre length throughout the transformation cycle. This means low cylinder back pressures, moderate injection speeds and well-dimensioned gates to avoid excessive shear.

LUVOCOM® SCF, together with LUVOCOM® XCF, LUVOCOM® CF and LUVOCOM® LF, are high-performance compounds for metal replacement. They extend the possible applications and help end users to save energy and costs by using optimised end-products.

We offer our support with material selection, part design and processing. Made-to-measure LUVOCOM®-SCF-compounds, for instance with other polymers, lubricants and different fibre percentages, are available on request.

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