LUVOSINT® - materials for laser sintering

Laser sintering is a technique for the additive production of plastic components. The layered structure offers a level of design freedom as well as engineering opportunities that cannot be achieved with injection moulding and other techniques. Consequently, laser sintering does not compete with these methods but complements them. This in turn demands that materials and their properties should correspond to those that you know and use today. Our LUVOSINT® materials meet this requirement. Material and laser sintering machine are adapted exactly to your individual component. Together with our technology partners, we offer you complete solutions – for the quality-assured manufacture of additively produced components.

From business model to production start

Are your business ideas aimed at the individualization of products? If this is the case, we will be glad to offer you support by working with our partners to develop the material, procedure and production process. We are permanently developing base polymers for laser sintering, from PP to PEEK, which are then modified to your requirements, regardless of whether these requirements relate to the mechanical aspects, colour or functionality. After all, one thing is certain: materials for individual components have to be equally individual!

LUVOSINT® - base polymers and variants

Below you will find information on our current range of materials. Here you can obtain data sheets, pictures and videos. Also listed are contacts to service providers who use our materials in their production. If you still have not found the solution that you are looking for, simply contact us. a thermoplastic polyurethane with 92 Shore A hardness. The molecular bonding pattern of TPU resembles the structure of classic polyurethanes. However, in this case the three-dimensional structure of the cross-linked building blocks is linear. Polymer chains are able to slide off each other. TPUs are thus fusible and can be processed like other thermoplastics. Yet, at the same time, they still possess properties of “classical” polyurethanes. This combination makes them very interesting – for laser sintering as well. We offer the following variants:


As a strong, wear-resistant and elastic substance, LUVOSINT® TPU X92A-1 offers new application opportunities. Thanks to its convenient processing window and  full recyclability of the powder cake, it is a natural choice for series production; tailor-made shoes and clothes, complex tube geometries or orthopaedic parts are some examples of new 3D print applications.
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LUVOSINT® TPU X92A-2 is a refinement of LUVOSINT® TPU X92A-1 with enhanced reproduction of fine detail while maintaining the same mechanical performance. This TPU type has a white background coloration, thus improving subsequent dye colouring of the components.
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LUVOSINT® TPU X92A-2 Electro Royal

This is a variant with electrically conductive qualities. Details on request.

Chemically this TPU material is identical to LUVOSINT® TPU X92A. However, the mechanics differ significantly: the hardness which is higher by five units results in a greater elastic modulus combined with higher strength and at the same time diminished elasticity. This grade therefore approximates to the property profile of a polyamide – but with significantly better abrasion resistance. We offer the following variants:


The naturally coloured basic version. To process the material in laser sintering, it is merely necessary to raise the build space temperature by +8 Kelvin compared with LUVOSINT® X92A-1.
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Polypropylene is an everyday material and is used in almost every sector of industry. The diversity of PP materials is therefore correspondingly large. Although the strength of PP does not match that of high-performance polymers, laser-sintered PP with its excellent resistance to chemicals, minimal water absorption and water permeability opens up new applications in the fields of packaging, cosmetics, automotive, robotics and many other areas.


LUVOSINT® PP 8824 is a tough and hard PP type based on a random copolymer. The impact strength of the material makes it suitable for use in applications such as the design of air-powered actuators. LUVOSINT® PP 8824 absorbs practically no moisture and therefore does not become brittle due to the effect of dry compressed air. The exceptional chemical resistance of the PP makes it suitable for applications in aggressive atmospheres or media, such as in battery technology.
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Development product. Details on request.

Laser sintering machines

To enable laser sintering technology to be adapted precisely to our materials, we work together closely with Laser-Sinter-Service GmbH (LSS). Cost-effective production is achieved when LSS raises the productivity of the laser sintering machine by optimizing processing parameters and machine control for the respective component. You can obtain optimized machines from LSS together with service for the existing material solutions from our portfolio.