Customized extrusion plants for specialized compounding

Our products are created on unique facilities. In collaboration with plant manufacturers, we have continued to develop our extrusion equipment. Each plant is set up individually for the relevant product in order to achieve optimum results.

High-performance compounds with comprehensive quality control

LUVOCOM®-Technical facilities

The LUVOCOM® team has a broad spectrum of inspection and analysis methods at its disposal for testing the quality of incoming goods, for the development of products with specific requirements and for process monitoring. This enables us to examine the quality of the raw materials used. Every product batch is tested and supplied with a test certificate.

Pilot plant for compound development and process optimization

Using our pilot plants with the their extensive equipment, we simulate producibility, processability and suitability for series production to the best possible extent. This makes both accelerates and improves targeted product development. Any adaptations required to the formulation can be carried out directly before the compound is delivered. As a result, the effort on the client’s side is reduced and the development goal is achieved faster.