LEHVOSS Group at Rapid+TCT 2022 - booth 2637

3D Printing Materials for End-Use Parts – Outstanding Performance, Processability, Reliability and Reproducibility

The establishment of 3D printing for industrially used end components is the goal of all activities of the LEHVOSS Group. The product portfolio, tailored to the PBF, FFF and FGF technologies, is tailor-made for this right from the start. At this year's Rapid+TCT, LEHVOSS is presenting the LUVOSINT PA 12 product line and, together with the printer manufacturers Essentium and Ultimaker, the FFF printing of technical polymers.

As a black colored Polyamide 12 powder LUVOSINT PA12 9270 BK is perfectly suitable for automotive applications but also for industrial manufacturing of black components in general. In addition, LUVOSINT PA12 9270 BK material is a truly sustainable improvement of current PA12 materials in the market. Until now, almost 50% of the part bed powder generated with traditional sintering powders was waste which could not be reused in the process. The new LUVOSINT PA12 9270 BK can be entirely recycled in the following print jobs. This avoids wasting precious material and makes PA12 laser sintering much more cost effective.

The LEHVOSS Group is proud to be the first supplier for an Ultimaker Certified Material: LUVOCOM 3F PAHT 9825 NT. Based on a high-temperature nylon this unreinforced material is dedicated to challenging applications. It provides outstanding processability and reproducibility. This material will be printed during Rapid+TCT on an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle printer.

Last but not least LUVOCOM 3F PET CF 9780 BK, a high performance PET, reinforced with carbon fibers, will be printed on an Essentium HSE™ 180 HT 3D Printer. This material is the easiest to print CF material available on the market. It provides outstanding mechanical strength and stiffness, a working temperature of up to 125 °C and an excellent chemical resistance.

Oil filter system for E-axis and hydraulic gear box made from LUVOSINT PA 9780 BK