Social responsibility

Lehmann&Voss&Co. prides itself on being a successful company. Part of this pride comes in what we give back to society: we're glad to dedicate a portion of our material success for charitable causes:

Help for the Homeless

The Diakonisches Werk Hamburg operates the "Midnight bus," a project in which volunteers look after Hamburg's homeless population of approximately 1,200. They take hot drinks, food, blankets and often a little bit of human warmth to the people living on the streets. The project is financed 100% from donations; LuV is one of the sponsors. Some of our employees also man the bus and help with this work.

Support for the poor and the lonely

The Hilfsverein St. Ansgar e. V. "Alimaus" has been helping needy individuals since 1992. It is a place where the poor and the lonely can come for a filling meal, to take a shower and get some new clothes. The association's 200 helpers also offer human comfort and kindness to the needy in the Altona district of Hamburg. 500 people come every day. In 2004 volunteers founded the "Friends of the Hilfsverein St. Ansgar e. V." to which LuV gives financial support.

Protection of historical buildings and monuments in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

To mark the 100th anniversary of LuV in 1994 the company's owners decided to make a major donation towards the restoration of a Gothic church in the village Woserin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Every year since they have given financial support to help preserve this church. The reason: Company founder Helmuth Voss came from Schwerin.

Partnerships with Hamburg schools

Lehmann&Voss&Co. maintains close partnerships with Hamburg schools to:

  • support students in choosing a career
  • encourage sustained positive interest among possible prospective candidates (for training, apprenticeships, dissertations, employment)
  • to promote active communication with the public as a responsible chemical company as part of the corporate Responsible Care Initiative (RC)

The partnership, established in 2010 with the district school in Poppenbüttel, aims at expanding students' knowledge of plastics from a practical perspective.

The Lehmann&Voss&Co. factory in the Wandsbek district of Hamburg processes a great many plastics/polymers and additives (giving it a great store of practical experience) and regularly gives middle-school students the opportunity to learn on-site about plastics processing, hazardous materials and safety issues through "Nothing doing without plastics" classroom project. The project earned second place for Lehmann&Voss&Co. in a competition organized by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce at the end of 2010.

The partnership was extended in 2012 to encompass the opportunity for upper-school students to perform specialist work (in plastics and plastics processing) as part of preparations for their final university qualification exams.