Materials solutions for the aviation industry


Aviation demands extremely strong yet lightweight materials. The megatrend towards lightweight construction with composites and carbon-fibre reinforced plastics allows tremendous savings to be made in weight and hence in fuel consumption.

High-strength structural part for overhead compartments in aircrafts made from LUVOCOM®, PPS, carbon fibre reinforced

LUVOCOM® XCF high-performance compounds for lightweight construction

LUVOCOM® XCF compounds are outstandingly suited for parts subject to high mechanical demands. Compared with composites and metals, they thus achieve significant savings on costs and weight. LUVOCOM® XCF compounds are even able to achieve an additional saving in weight of up to 30% over plastics with short and long glass-fibre reinforcement. Lower filler levels mean better processing characteristics and hence greater freedom in design. LUVOCOM® XCF compounds can be processed in conventional injection moulding procedures without the need for special machines or techniques.

A production process that we have developed specially means that LUVOCOM® XCF offers:

  • High tensile strength
  • High stiffness
  • High impact strength
  • Low weight
  • Easy processing