Materials solutions for the consumer goods industry

For the nice things in life

In both professional and amateur sport, high-performance compounds are important for producing efficient equipment. They help to save weight and thus assist athletes in achieving greater speeds and distances. Thanks to enhanced product and component properties, they increase the amount of fun derived. Examples of such applications can be found in bicycles (brakes, gear changing mechanism, pedals), sailing boats (fastenings, rollers) and in running shoes (soles and reinforcing elements).

Carriers for roller skis made of carbon-fibre reinforced LUVOCOM® PA66 and printed midsole for sports shoe made of LUVOSINT® TPU

In domestic applications these materials can be found in furniture, lighting and electrical appliances, where they are used specifically for hinges, slides, heat-conducting plates and safety switches. 

In fashion, plastics have long been in use for textile fibres. Thanks to selective laser sintering and LUVOSINT® the next revolution is just around the corner. It is now possible to print entire dresses in 3D.

Laser-sintered dress made of LUVOSINT® TPU X92-A

Design: Iris van Herpen Manufacturer: Materialise (© Materialise NV)