Materials solutions for the electrical and electronics industry

Higher performance

The use of plastics has a long tradition in electrical and electronic applications. Polymers are available here with special material properties for use as insulators, electrical conductors, thermal conductors or antistatic and shielding covers. Good processing characteristics, the low weight and corrosion resistance are also good arguments for their use.

LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds can also meet the strictest of requirements. High electrical conductivity or insulation, a certain flammability rating and approval as well as adjusted mechanical properties are just a few examples of the features that can be developed in tailor-made compounds to meet your requirements.

Thermally conductive compounds

An important topic in current microelectronics is heat management within devices. Components such as processors, drives, rechargeable batteries and LEDs generate a lot of heat while the trend towards miniaturization in electronics means that they are being installed in increasingly tight spaces.

The best choice to dissipate the heat reliably and continuously involves casings, heat sinks and housings made of special compounds. Through the use of thermally conductive LUVOCOM® compounds it is possible to increase the heat dissipation of components significantly.

Electrically conductive compounds

Electrically conductive LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds have decisive advantages over metals or coatings: they offer a great degree of freedom in design while the finished parts have a lower weight, are especially tough as well as easier and more cost-effective to manufacture.

EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) requirements can also be implemented more easily with LUVOCOM® ES. On the one hand, ever-smaller electronic components with increasingly high working speeds make it more difficult to keep control of the electromagnetic radiation that they generate. On the other hand, the sensitive components have to be protected against emissions from other devices.

LUVOCOM® ES effectively shields against electromagnetic radiation. A shielding effectiveness can be achieved of up to 76 dB at 500 MHz.