Compounds for greater efficiency in energy production

Increased productivity

High-performance compounds are used in the field of energy generation as well as in oil and gas production because of their unique properties. They have proven their worth through many years of practical experience. Increased requirements placed on plants means that the use of such materials continues to grow.

With their high resistance to temperature, chemicals, wear and gap extrusion as well as their electrical properties, LUVOCOM® compounds supply the required properties in applications such as seals, bearing rings, connectors and valve seats. They offer users high reliability and hence less maintenance expense compared with traditional materials. With LUVOCOM® EOG we offer the newest generation of materials for the energy market. They are approved accoding NORSOK M710 and offer better processing, isotropic properties and are more resistant. This provides relief for the increasingly demanding business of oil and gas exploration and production both on land and at sea.

Our experience – your safety

  • More than 30 years’ experience with high-performance compounds based on PAEK; PEEK, PPS, etc.
  • Proven applications with more than 400 PEEK formulations developed
  • Constant quality – produced worldwide
  • Leading supplier of carbon-fibre reinforced compounds
  • Extensive experience with tribological applications