Our material expertise – your advantage for your innovations

From the beginning to this day, we have faced special challenges in applications and mastered them with appropriate material solutions.

In order for thermoplastics to be able to replace other materials such as metals and composites, they must be modified accordingly. For the realization of, for example, high strength, even under heat, electrical and thermal conductivity and good tribological properties, we have special know-how on polymers, reinforcing materials and additives. Coupled with the knowledge for the best possible processing on our systems and at the component manufacturer, extraordinary applications can be realized.

Challenge us on the following material topics:

• Mechanics (strength, rigidity, impact strength)

• Resistance (chemical and temperature)

• Tribology (low wear, certain coefficients of friction, running-in behavior)

• Conductivity (electrical and thermal)

• Detectability (magnetic and x-ray detection)

• Coloring of high-temperature plastics

• Optimized surface appearance

• Sustainability (reduced carbon footprint)

Also for you:

In addition to our materials, we offer service and support for processing, component design, testing, analysis and the necessary approvals.