Expertise in Resistance

Product highlights

  • Withstands > 500 sterilization cycles
  • Continuous operating temperature up to 320 °C

High-temperature resistant compounds

Through the use of high-temperature resistant polymers and with the addition of suitable reinforcing materials, our materials also exhibit high mechanical strengths at elevated temperatures. Temperatures of up to 320 °C are possible in continuous operation.

Constant operating temperatures of various polymers:

  • PA46 up to 150°C
  • PPA up to 160°C
  • PEI and PES up to 180°C
  • PPS up to 220°C
  • PEEK* and PEK* up to 260°C
  • TPI up to 320°C

*Base: Victrex® PEEK polymer

High chemical resistance

Resistance to chemicals is a basic requirement for all applications. We therefore supply materials adapted to the application that exhibit the necessary resistance. In medical technology , for example, we have compounds that withstand more than 500 sterilization cycles. In the field of oil and gas production, our compounds withstand high temperatures of up to 240 °C at the same time as acidic sulphur gases. In the automotive sector resistance to fuels is demanded, and in food technology the materials have to withstand a large number of substances.

Good fire characteristics

Another important material property is flame resistance, ideally without the addition of flame retardants, as they generally have an adverse effect on other properties. This can be achieved with a number of high-performance polymers such as PPS, PEI and PEEK. It is not necessary to use halogen-containing additives. Support for the development of flame-resistant compounds here comes from the use of our fire test chamber in the in-house laboratory.

We offer materials that meet various fire standards. Examples include UL 94 for applications in the field of electrical engineering or EN DIN 45545 for components in rail vehicles.