Expertise in Surfaces

Product highlights

  • Broad colour range in PEEK compounds
  • Attractive surfaces in high-strength materials

Pigmented high-temperature polymers

For high-temperature polymers such as PEEK, PEK, PEI, PPS and PPSU, we are specialists in ready-to-use pigmented compounds. We have special know-how in this field and are able to offer a large and unusual range of colours as a result. This eliminates the risky procedure of pigmentation using colour masterbatches for the processing company. In addition, the materials may obtain additional functionalities, such as laser markability, and can also be fibre-reinforced.

Attractive surfaces with high-strength compounds

Thermoplastic compounds with high mechanical values are obtained by adding reinforcing materials, mainly glass and carbon fibers. Their proportions can be up to 60 percent by weight. This normally leads to poorer surfaces in the component. By selecting the right raw materials and a coordinated compounding, we offer materials that offer high strength and at the same time beautiful surfaces. We also do this with products based on recycled plastics - our LUVOTECH eco product line.