Expertise in Weight

Product highlights

  • Heavy 5.0 g/cm3
  • Light 0.9 g/cm3

Compounds with low weight combined with high strength

Products with high mechanical values that make especially strong and stiff yet lightweight components possible. Through LUVOCOM LW, for example, we supply Innovative construction materials with carbon fibres and glass fibres that offer an additional saving in weight and possess exceptional mechanical properties. A value of 52 GPa is attained for the tensile modulus and a figure of 530 MPa is possible for flexural strength. By designing the components to suit the material and using the design freedoms open to plastics, it is also possible to achieve a significant reduction in the system costs of up to 70% and a reduction in weight of up 62% compared with other reinforced thermoplastics.

With these properties, the materials also offer advantages over other systems such as composites (CFRP and GFRP) and nylon composite sheets.

LUVOCOM HW – Heavy compounds

Generaly the use of plastics involves a saving in weight. There are applications in which the opposite is required, with one example being bottle closures for high-value spirits. The weight conveys quality, but at the same time the costs for the closure should remain with reasonable bounds and innovative designs should be possible. This can also be implemented with plastic compounds. In LUVOCOM HW, we are offering high-density materials of up to 5.0 g/cm³. They are characterized by the following properties:

  • Good processing characteristics
  • Design freedom
  • Cost savings compared with solutions using metals
  • Printable
  • Metallizable
  • Pigmentable

Further examples of applications for LUVOCOM HW can be found in sports (weights) and in the consumer goods sector (casings, closures, decorative articles) and the field of technology (vibration absorption, weights, shielding)