“Materializing Ideas” - LEHVOSS Group at NPE 2024 showcases the latest advancements in plastic materials for the fast and economic realization of demanding projects

May 6-10, 2024, Orlando, Florida, Orange County Convention Center, South Hall, Booth 23199

LEHVOSS Group, the leading provider of high-performing plastic materials, will also participate this year at NPE in Orlando. To stress the significance of the US market and US customers, the LEHVOSS US team will be heavily supported by a strong presence of Material Experts and Top Management from Germany.  Attendees at NPE will have the opportunity to explore the comprehensive portfolio of highly advanced polymer materials – Compounds and Masterbatches - designed for a broad range of applications and needs across various industries. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss with the LEHVOSS experts at the booth economically and ecologically optimized solutions for their specific challenges and can learn about the latest trends and demands also from the European and Asian market.

LEHVOSS will present materials of its cutting-edge high-performance compounds and masterbatches, demonstrating the LEHVOSS interpretation of "materializing ideas" and the effective realization of concepts into tangible reality.

The main exhibit for this trade fair is a perfect example how LEHVOSS with its partners materializes ideas: The Buddy X1, is an injection-molded frame for an e-bike made of a LUVOCOM® carbon fiber compound. The material, specially developed for the frame, shows a 60% higher rigidity than competitive materials and it can replace typical epoxy / carbon fiber structures currently widely used in the higher end bike market. The frame is fully recyclable and shows a carbon footprint reduction of up to 64% compared to an also recycable aluminum frame.  In February 2024, three E-bikes mastered all challenges in an extraordinary practical test - the Xtreme Tech expedition, a 1,400 kilometers (900 miles) ride in Morocco under the leadership of the well-known adventurer Mike Fuchs, organized by LEHVOSS and supported by many well-known industry partners.  Frames and other components made of thermoplastic compounds from LEHVOSS easily withstood all mechanical and weather-related stresses.

Photo: Ride through the desert regions of Morocco with e-bikes frames made from LUVOCOM® XCF .

A propeller for large agricultural drones is also on display. This is a perfect example how weight reduction and outstanding mechanical properties – maximum strength and stiffness – have been combined with a good economy and significant improvement of customer value is generated. By consequent application of light weight design in all parts the drones achieve 20 – 40% longer flight times, allowing larger areas to be covered in less time and making life for farmers easier.

Light weight and weight reduction while carefully balancing the mechanical properties is also a key LEHVOSS topic in the area of masterbatches & additives. With newly developed blowing agent masterbatches for injection molding and extrusion the addition of just 1% of masterbatch allows to produce components for the automotive industry which are 24% lighter while still fulfilling the mechanical requirements.  These novel masterbatches are ADC-free and have very good and easy processing properties. Noticeable reduction of sink marks can be already achieved with a dosage of as little as 0.1%. The products are non-toxic and physiologically harmless; thus, they can also be used in other industries such as food.

An example from the semiconductor industry shows very impressively how specifically optimized materials will help to create a significant cost saving and boost productivity.  The use of wafer carriers made from novel, electrically conductive and highly durable LUVOCOM PEEK compounds allow a significantly longer service life and the reject rate in production has been reduced by up to 70%.

LEHVOSS will also show innovations in its other focus area of tribologically modified compounds and their typical applications in moving parts such as thrust washers, bushings, ball bearings and gears. In addition to the proven fluoropolymer modified materials and in response to the current PFAS discussion LEHVOSS will present PFAS free tribological compounds and alternative solution strategies.  

In transportation – strongly driven by the e-mobility – but also in the building and construction industry the need for a cost efficient and effective flame protection is strongly growing. LEHVOSS is a leader in Europe for more than five decades when it comes to the flame-retardant modification of plastics. Besides the traditional highly effective halogen-based flame-retardant solutions LEHVOSS offers a full range of halogen-free masterbatches based on nitrogen, phosphorus, and mineral additives with high intumescence for various fields of application. A high level of compatibility to many base polymers is achieved through specially adapted polymer carriers: use cases range from film structures to cables and components with high wall thicknesses. The additive Inovia enables halogen-free flame retardancy of PMMA and PC without any loss of transparency.

"We are excited to bring our theme of 'materializing ideas' to NPE 2024," said Dan Salak, President of LEHVOSS North America. "Our customized solutions are crafted to unleash the potential of creative concepts, enabling manufacturers to turn their ideas into reality with exceptional performance and functionality. We are eager to connect with industry professionals and demonstrate the transformative power of our solutions. I encourage anyone interested to contact our team directly at the trade fair with specific problems. In our more than 40 years legacy of permanent technical advancement and shifting the technically possible boundaries further, an extremely deep and broad portfolio has been developed, but we remain determined to find and produce fast economically sensible solutions for our customers. “

The participation of LEHVOSS at NPE 2024 underscores its commitment to the US market and customer and to driving innovation and productivity. By close collaboration with our customers, customization, and continuous improvement, LEHVOSS remains at the forefront of material innovation.  Don't miss the opportunity to experience "materializing ideas" with LEHVOSS in action at NPE 2024.

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