LEHVOSS Group with 3D Printing Materials at TCT Asia 2021 – We LuV to see you in Shanghai at our booth F52

We will present the latest developments and applications of our leading technical 3D printing materials. All materials are optimized for printability and end-use parts.

LUVOSINT® - powders for powder bed fusion / laser sintering technologies. New materials based on TPU and PP. Applications in the shoe industry, protection masks, goggles and more.

LUVOCOM® 3F materials for extrusion based technologies – FFF (fused filament fabrication) and FGF (fused granulate fabrication). New materials based on PAHT®, PEI, PPS and PP. Applications in technical parts for transportation, E&E, machine engineering, automotive and more.


Contact person:
LEHVOSS (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd.
MinJiao (Jenny) Wu
Unit 4805 Maxdo Center
8 Xingyi Road Changning District
Shanghai 200336