LUVOCOM® P – Thermoplastic powder coating of the highest corrosion protection class

Offshore applications, such as offshore wind farms with power outputs in the thousands of megawatts, continue to enjoy strong growth. The climatic conditions are extreme and demand high performance from the materials and components put to use. Yet it is not only offshore but also close to the coast where the combination of heat, wind and saltwater causes metal constructions to practically disappear. The protective measures in such highly corrosive environments are correspondingly time-consuming and cost-intensive.

Lehmann&Voss&Co. has developed a thermoplastic powder coating for these conditions that is designed for an especially long service life. LUVOCOM P 96-7865 is applied merely as a single-layer powder coating to galvanized components. As a duplex system, it offers protection for a period of 15 to 25 years and an independent classification in corrosion protection class 5 pursuant to ISO 12944. LUVOCOM P 96-7865 can be applied without any additional effort because blistering due to the degassing of zinc is prevented during the cooling process. The coating is extremely adherent and very flexible, and hence highly resistant to external influences and damage. This is true not only in the offshore environment but also in industrial areas with extreme humidity and aggressive atmospheres. Corrosion protection tests, constant and alternating climate tests, salt spray test, chemical resistance test, water vapour permeability test as well artificial weathering all deliver a clear statement: this coating is there for the long term!

Corrosion protection for metal with LUVOCOM P 96-7685, applied in a single-layer powder coating