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Carbon-fibre reinforced LUVOCOM® compounds

Many applications require materials with high tensile strengths. At the same time, these materials have to be light – particularly in the case of components subject to a dynamic load. Often low thermal expansion, dimensional accuracy and long-term dimensional stability are required for replacing metals. In many cases, carbon-fibre reinforced LUVOCOM® compounds meet these demands – and they are also electrically conductive. They give the design engineer a chance to deploy lighter and generally more economical injection moulded plastic parts.

Always on the move

Typical applications for carbon-fibre reinforced compounds are fast-moving components in the construction of machinery and apparatus – for example thread carriers, pump impellers, gear wheels, cams and connecting rods.

In the automotive sector, these materials are currently used in air and exhaust management, in vacuum pumps, in steering units as well as in the drive train. In aviation, the low weight and stiffness of carbon-fibre reinforced compounds open up countless opportunities in lightweight construction – e.g. for luggage racks and structural elements. As an alternative to aluminium in the fabrication of casings, too, carbon fibre-reinforced materials have also proven their worth – also for purposes of electromagnetic shielding (EMC).

Outstanding mechanical properties

Through our own development work in fibre inclusion and compounding, we have created materials with outstanding properties. Carbon-fibre reinforced LUVOCOM® XCF compounds, for example, offer low thermal extension coefficients, improved thermal conductivity and high dimensional accuracy. Tensile strengths in excess of 380 MPa and a tensile modulus of 50 GPa are possible with LUVOCOM®. This meets the needs of the industry for higher efficiency of carbon-fibre compounds. This presents a means of replacing metals and composites on an even greater scale.

A comparison using a three-dimensional display shows the exceptional improvement in mechanical properties at a glance:

LUVOCOM® XCF compounds are used for components subject to high mechanical requirements. The motivating force is to provide a replacement for composites and metals in order to save weight and costs. Another approach is to substitute plastics with short and long glass-fibre reinforcement in applications where additional weight savings are required. Examples of such applications are lifts with high-performance motors or electric drive systems.

Additional weight savings of up to 30% are possible with LUVOCOM® XCF compounds. Lower filler levels mean better processing characteristics and hence greater freedom in design. The materials can be processed in conventional injection moulding procedures without the need for special machines or techniques.