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Electrically conductive LUVCOM® high-performance compounds

Conductive LUVOCOM®-compunds have decisive advantages over metals or coatings: they offer a great degree of freedom in design; the finished parts have a lower weight, are easier and more cost-effective to manufacture and are also tougher.

Electrically conductive polymeric materials are produced by adding electrically conductive substances such as carbon fibres, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), steel fibres or graphites. The desired electrical resistance can be adjusted during the process: from 109 ohm (antistatic formulation) to below 101 ohm (conductive materials). The graph shows PA compounds with different concentrations of carbon fibres as an example.

Guided by intended purpose

The typical fields of application of electrically conductive compounds are many and varied. In addition to covers and machine parts for explosion-protected areas, electrical and electronic components, the range also includes casings and functional parts for paper transport (e.g. office machinery, cash dispensers). They are also used in carriers for electrically sensitive products (electronic components, explosive substances), where statically generated electricity has to be carried away immediately in order to avoid disruption or explosions resulting from spark discharge.

Shielded and compatible

There is a clear trend towards increasingly smaller dimensions for electronic components, yet their operating speeds are permanently on the increase. This is making it more difficult to keep control of the electromagnetic radiation that they generate. EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) requirements can also be fulfilled with ease using LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds.

On the other hand, sensitive components have to be protected against emissions from other devices. LUVOCOM® compounds even provide shielding from high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Shielding values in excess of 60 dB can be achieved with the appropriate additives.

A selection of some electrically conductive LUVOCOM® compounds

LUVOCOM® Polymer Tensile strength
ISO 527
Charpy impact strength
ISO 179 1eU
Specific density
ISO 1183
Insulation resistance
DIN/IEC 6017
1200-7116-1 ABS 90 18 1.09 102-6
1-0889-5/RD PA 6.6 200 65 1.39 106-9
1-7956 PA 6.6 150 35 1.25 ≤ 102
1-8068/RD PA 6.6 130 25 1.24 ≤ 104
3-7088-2 PA 6 140 10 1.28 103-6
50-7154 PC 100 40 1.28 103-5
80-8003 POM 48 8 1.43 ≤ 101
80-7727 POM 180 16 1.46 ≤ 102
1850-8023 PBT 105 9 1.36 ≤ 101
1100-8134 PES 175 29 1.46 ≤ 103
1105-8199 PEEK 95 53 1.33 ≤ 103
1301/CF/20 PPS 180 22 1.41 < 103
TPE-7711/GY TPE 8 NB 1.04 102-5