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Lubricant-modified LUVOCOM® compounds

Tribologically adjusted LUVOCOM® materials have deposits of lubricant, thus eliminating the need for the expensive and time-consuming work of additional surface lubrication. Lubricant-modified components and assemblies remain clean while long-term performance and reliability are significantly improved.

Low or specific coefficients of friction can be set. Friction and wear characteristics are improved, which opens up possibilities for a large number of applications. This is achieved by adding lubricants such as PTFE, graphite, minerals and reinforcing materials such as fibres of glass, carbon and aramid, which involves the use of nanotechnology. These materials also offer outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance to aqueous solutions, acids and bases that would have a decomposing effect on metal.

Factors influencing wear

  • Level of mechanical load (static and dynamic)
  • Type of movement sequence and the associated dynamic flexural and fatigue strength of the polymer material
  • Relative velocity between the sliding partners
  • Relative molar mass of the polymeric materials (high or low viscosity)
  • Environmental conditions, temperatures
  • Heat deflection temperature of the plastic (glass transition temperature range, Tg)
  • Type of material and surface hardness of the metal counterpart
  • Type and direction of orientation of reinforcement fibres used, e.g. glass or carbon fibres
  • Particles occurring between the friction surfaces, e.g. due to the fracture of protruding fibres

Our experts will develop the optimum solution for your application

Lubricant-modified LUVOCOM® materials are not only suitable for self-lubricating bearings, but also for all multifunctional applications in which good slip characteristics and low wear are important. In lubricated systems the dry-running properties of these materials come to the fore and thus increase the safety level for designer and user alike.

LUVOCOM® gear wheel compounds for heavy-duty gears

Thermoplastic gear wheels have already been established for some time in a large number of applications covering a wide range of industries. Today, therefore, it is difficult to imagine the fields of automotive engineering, medical technology, electronics, mechanical engineering and plant construction managing without these materials. The opportunity of providing plastics with a high-grade finish, the good processing characteristics and the cost-effectiveness of injection moulding as a production technique mean that new fields of application are constantly arising in which metal gear wheels can be substituted. The basis for these gear wheel compounds is supplied by engineering polymers with a high temperature resistance.

Comparison of properties of a selection of LUVOCOM® gear wheel compounds