Comparison of Performance

LUVOCOM 3F PEEK 9581 NT is a pure PEEK that has been optimized for the FFF 3D printing process. The high-performance material offers superior mechanical properties in all directions (XY, ZX) compared to standard PEEK filaments, as well as competing PAEK family filaments. LUVOCOM 3F PEEK 9581 NT is engineered so that it can be printed without the use of a heated print chamber, though implementing the annealing process will lead to better crystallinity and material performance. This results in printed parts that rival injection molded components in terms of performance.


PEEK, e.g. Victrex® PEEK 450 G, has a typical tensile strength of 98 MPa for injection molded specimen. The weld line strength is about 92 MPa. Both values are measured on ISO test bars. The standard test is on test bars filled from one side (red framed image below). The test bar for the weld line strength is filled from two sides simultaneously, which creates a weld line in the middle of the bar (blue framed picture below).

Typical values for FFF printed specimen, based on standard PEEK, are in the area of 60 MPa in xy direction and 10 MPa for zx direction. Below image demonstrates the position and print orientation in the FFF process.

LUVOCOM 3F PEEK 9581 NT achieves 92 MPa in xy and 72 MPa in zx. These values are close to the level of injection molded specimen and are higher than values achieved with other PAEK products that are also especially optimized for FFF. Below diagram shows all data in comparison.