LUVOSINT® – Materials for powder bed fusion processes

LUVOSINT® materials are powders for laser sintering procedures and other 3D printing processes based on powder bed fusion. Below you will find an overview of our current product portfolio. If you require special versions in individual colors and exclusive product development, please contact us in person.

As a strong, wear-resistant and elastic material, LUVOSINT® TPU opens up new application opportunities. Thanks to its convenient processing window and  full recyclability of the powder cake, it is a natural choice for the cost-effective production of large quantities; with tailor-made shoes and clothes, complex tube geometries or orthopedic parts being just some examples of new 3D print applications. Individual colors are available on request.

ProductDescriptionTechnical Data Sheet
LUVOSINT TPU X92A-1 NTTPU Shore 92 A  natural colorClick here
LUVOSINT TPU X92A-2 WTTPU Shore 92 A  whiteClick here
LUVOSINT TPU X92A-2 BKTPU Shore 92 A  blackOn request
LUVOSINT TPU X92A-1064 WTTPU Shore 92 A  for diode and faser laserOn request
LUVOSINT TPU Z86-1 WTTPU Shore 86 A  whiteOn request

LUVOSINT® PP is a tough and hard PP type based on a random copolymer. It exhibits an exceptionally high chemical resistance in aggressive atmospheres or media. Due to the high melting point and HDT value, the material also retains these characteristics at high temperatures. Parts can be welded and pigmented at a later stage.

ProductDescriptionTechnical Data Sheet
LUVOSINT PP 9703 L WTPP-R  WhiteClick here
LUVOSINT PP 9703 L BKPP-R  BlackOn request

LUVOSINT PAHT® is a high-temperature polyamide that has been specially developed with the requirements of 3D printing in view. Its exceptionally high rigidity is achieved without reinforcing fibers. The material is directly pigmented black.

ProductDescriptionTechnical Data Sheet
LUVOSINT PAHT 9681 BKDevelopment productOn request



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