LUVOCOM® 3F - made for Fused Filament Fabrication

Our materials of the LUVOCOM® 3F product line are designed for extrusion-based 3D printing (FFF/FDM®). Pellets are our main product, and filaments are available from our partners. We are specialists in high-performance and functional 3D printing materials customized to your requirements, taking into consideration the process technology to be used. This product line is supported by our more than 30 years experience with high-performance materials! Our well-equipped 3D printing laboratory guarantees fast developments. Please contact our experts to discuss your requirements, or take a look at the products that we have already developed with a view to the general market. Let’s work together!

3D Development Labs

Our 3D printing labs covers all machine types available on the market – from small desktop printers to industrial scale machines including a high-temperature machine. We are also equipped with a filament extruder and post processing devices. We cooperate with different machine suppliers to ensure access to the latest technology and to support any new machine developments/modifications required by specific materials.

LUVOCOM® 3F – ready to use

Below you will find information on our current base line of materials, including data sheets, pictures and videos. This is were you can obtain data sheets, pictures and videos. If you still have not found the solution that you are looking for, simply contact us.

For +30 years the LEHVOSS Group has been a market leader in PEEK compounds. Now you can benefit from this experience for FFF parts as well: LUVOCOM® 3F PEEK is an easy-to-print PEEK material offering outstanding z-strength. Printed parts are stiff with high strength in a wide temperature range. PEEK offers very good chemical resistance and flame resistance. Our standard grades are unreinforced or carbon-fibre reinforced. Other PEEK grades are available on request.


... is an unfilled PEEK grade

Data sheet / video / picture / machine supplier


... is a carbon-fibre reinforced PEEK grade

Data sheet / video / picture / machine supplier

LUVOCOM® 3F PAHT is a high-temperature polyamide compound. It is strong, stiff and hard even without reinforcement. It is characterized by very low water uptake. Chemical resistance is also higher in comparison to other polyamides. In 3D printing LUVOCOM 3F PAHT exhibits no warpage, while printed parts have a high z-strength. As standard, we offer unreinforced and carbon-fibre reinforced grades. Special grades are available on request.


... is an unfilled high-temperature polyamide

Data sheet / video / pictures / machine supplier


... is a carbon-fibre reinforced high-temperature polyamide

Data sheet / video / pictures / machine supplier


Is our entry product based on a polyethylene therephthalate material. It is the easiest carbon fiber filled material to print on the market. There are no issues with retraction and no need for a heating chamber. It exhibits a superb surface finish straight from the printer, thus reducing the need for post-processing. It can be post-treated to enhance its mechanical properties. It is compatible with HIPS as a break-away or soluble support.

Data sheet / video / pictures / machine supplier

3D Printing Technology Partnerships

New materials may require an adaption to the respective 3D printing method. For material developments we therefore work closely with printing machine manufacturers and filament producers. In this way we ensure to offer you complete 3D printing solutions.

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