LUVOCOM® LFT | Long Fiber Thermoplastics


LUVOCOM® LFT is a high-performing product line of structural materials. LFT stands for long fiber reinforced thermoplastics and are the logical complement to short fiber materials. They expand the range of applications for plastic-based structural materials. With this, the LEHVOSS Group rounds off the product portfolio and presents itself as a full-range supplier in the demanding thermoplastic environment.

LFTs performance spectrum begins where other materials - such as short-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics or metals like steel, aluminum or magnesium alloys - simply reach their performance limits. This is where LFT strength clearly come into play in a wide variety of components:

  • High strength and stiffness
  • Low creep tendency
  • Better surface quality
  • Lower shrinkage and thus less warpage and higher dimensional stability
  • Extremely high impact strength/energy absorption (especially also in the low-temperature range)

You are also welcome to ask us about special solutions, e.g. colored materials, other cutting lengths and special polymers.

LUVOCOM® LFT 14 Product Line | Made with Bio-based PA

LUVOCOM® LFT 14-50542 CF10 NT is the first product of a completely new PA-LCF generation that is based on PA410, provided by Royal DSM under the tradename EcoPaXX®. This base polymer shows, beside a reduced carbon footprint, unique differentiating properties compared to PA66, PA610, PA612, PA12 and others:

  • Best in class mechanical performance
  • Moisture uptake is significantly lower compared to PA6 and PA66
  • Lower density compared to PA66
  • Better chemical resistance
  • Enables high surface quality
  • Reduced carbon footprint (based on polymer)
  • Easy to mold

LEHVOSS Group, as a globally leading company in carbon fiber compounds, combined the PA410 properties with long carbon fibers. This provides a completely new dimension of long fiber reinforced PA. The combination of compounding know-how, PA410 and specifically selected carbon fibers results in this completely new PA-LCF Generation! Within this product line compounds with glass fibers are available as well.