A wealth of experience with supreme performance

Since 1984, we have been producing compounds for what are now countless applications. During this period, we specialized in thermoplastic high- performance compounds at an early stage and have permanently expanded our range of supply through continuous product developments. Our strength lies in compounds tailored to the individual requirements of our customers and their production facilities.

The basis for these products is to be found in our know-how in product development and compounding as well as in our ultramodern technical equipment. Whenever new challenges or trends emerge, we always react to them swiftly and effectively. Up to the present day, we have developed, produced and supplied more than 2,500 compounds. We have processing instructions, standards and quality guidelines available for all our compounds. Experienced employees ensure a constantly high quality on which our customers can depend.

Tailor-made extrusion plants for specialized compounding

Our own process development, working together closely with our product development, is continuously optimizing our plants, processes and operations. We are convinced that there is still room for improvement even in good and well-established processes – to ensure supreme quality and cost-effective production on a permanent basis.

Pilot plant for compound development and process optimization

Using our pilot plants with the their extensive equipment, we simulate producibility, processability and suitability for series production to the best possible extent. This both accelerates and improves targeted product development. Any adaptations required to the formulation can be carried out directly before the compound is delivered. As a result, the effort on the client’s side is reduced and the development goal is achieved faster.

Bring us your challenges! We are there to provide you with a personal service.