Lots of experience with top performance

We have been producing plastic compounds for demanding requirements and applications since the 1970s. The basis for this is our in-depth knowledge of raw materials, compound development, processing technology and the associated compounding systems. In addition to our product development, the process engineering department ensures the continuous expansion of our processing know-how.

Tailor-made extrusion plants for innovative compounding

Our process development continuously optimizes systems, processes and procedures in close cooperation with our product development. We are convinced that even good and well-established processes can still be improved - for permanently targeted quality and economical production.

Pilot plant for compound development and process optimization

We simulate the manufacturability, processability and series suitability of our materials in the best possible way with our extensively equipped pilot plants. As a result, targeted product development is faster and better possible. Any necessary adjustments to the recipe can be made directly before the compound is delivered. This reduces the effort for the customer and the development goal is reached more quickly. 

Bring us your challenges! We are there to provide you with a personal service.