LEHVOSS Customized Polymer Materials - Compounds for maximum technical performance

More powerful components with reduced system costs – our thermoplastic high-performance compounds make this possible. At the same time, the material properties are precisely matched to the applications and the processing technique. Our products, marketed under the brand names LUVOCOM®, LUVOTECH®, LUVOCOM® 3F and LUVOSINT® stand for quality and reliability all over the world. Products with the suffix eco, e.g. LUVOTECH® eco, are sustainable and are based on recycled polymers. The carbon footprint is significantly reduced.

Through its Customized Polymer Materials business unit, LEHVOSS has been a partner of industry since 1984 with regard to material selection, development and manufacture as well as consultancy and support for applications technology, from engineering design through to production. 

Our service portfolio

  • Made-to-measure materials with application-specific modifications for sophisticated uses
  • Selection of polymer, reinforcement and additives according to the demands of the application
  • Short material development time and implementation in series production
  • Market leader for
    • Carbon-fiber reinforced thermoplastics
    • Compounds based on PAEK (polyaryletherketone) – e.g. more than 400 different PEEK compounds
    • Thermoplastics with tribological modification
    • 3D printing materials for individualized serial production
  • Extensive experience with more than 4,000 high-performance compounds already developed
  • Recognized development partner of OEMs, system suppliers and processing firms

Global presence

We are represented around the world. To help us react better to individual client and market requirements as well as to shorten supply routes and processing times, we produce on three continents. Apart from at our main plant in Hamburg, Germany, we also produce in the USA and China. Our local market development staff provide on-site support.